Citizen’s Charter


The need to further improve its existing system to increase coverage and level up services to its consumers is of considerable concern.  Besides of being financially constrained, immediate development amid adverse attributes such as, the uncertainties of the potential consumers to avail of the service; the rural nature of the remaining supply district; as well as the problem on terrain and scattered homesteads which is prevalent in the locality, would not be economically viable and will only result to higher tariffs being implemented for all customers to compensate.  Yet, to achieve this objective though, major capital investment is imperative to fund the necessary improvement works within the five years of operation (2016-2020) and consequently, increase the water rate to compensate high cost of implementation. In this way, getting hold of target to serve and level up services to 60% of the active service area is more than probable, leaving only those that could no longer be reached by its pressure and or possibly developed.

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