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Invitation to Apply for Eligibility and to Submit Comparative Proposals (IAESP)


The Pinamungajan Water District (PWD), created pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 198, as amended, otherwise known as the Provincial Water Utilities Act of 1973, received an unsolicited proposal from the Original Proponent for the Financing, Development, Improvement, Rehabilitation, Expansion, Operation and Maintenance of the Water Supply System of Pinamungajan Water District.

Pursuant to the 2013 Guidelines issued by the National Economic Development Authority under Section 8 of Executive Order No. 423 dated 30 April 2005, negotiations ensued between PWD and Original Proponent on the JV Proposal. Subsequently, an agreement was reached between PWD and Original Proponent to form an unincorporated joint venture to undertake the JV Project.

In compliance with PWD Board Resolution No.008 Series of 2019, PWD, through its Joint Venture Selection Committee (JVSC), invites Interested Private Sector Participant/s (IPP’s) to challenge the JV Proposal by submitting comparative proposals for the following:


Location of Project: Pinamungajan, Cebu, Philippines

Project Description: The project involves a joint venture undertaking between PWD and the Winning Private Sector
Participant for the Financing, Development, Improvement, Rehabilitation, Expansion,
Operation and Maintenance of the Water Supply System of Pinamungajan Water District.

Applications for eligibility shall be evaluated based on a non-discretionary “pass/fail” criterion.

An IPP shall be considered eligible upon compliance with the following minimum qualification requirements:

1.1. The IPP must be either of the following:

a. A duly licensed sole proprietorship owned by a Filipino citizen; or
b. A partnership or corporation created pursuant to the Corporation Code of the Philippines
and registered with the SEC.
c. A Consortium of two or more entities with at least sixty percent (60%) of both voting and
non-voting interest in the said Consortium being owned and held, by citizens of the
Philippines and/or by Philippine registered corporations at least sixty percent (60%) of
both the total number of outstanding shares of stock, whether or not entitled to vote in
the election of directors are owned by Philippine nationals.

1.2. The nationality of the IPP shall be determined via the Grandfather Rule.

1.3. If the IPP is a Consortium, each member of the Consortium must be disclosed during the pre-
qualification stage and the Lead Member thereof must be specifically identified. For this purpose,
the Lead member must have at least fifty one percent (51%) equity interest in the Consortium, and
the total percentage interest of all Consortium Members must be one hundred percent (100%).

1.4. The IPP or each Consortium member must execute Omnibus Sworn Statement.

2. Technical Eligibility
2.1. The IPP must have completed a similar or related project costing at least 50% of the cost of the JV
Activity/Project within the last ten (10) years. For the avoidance of doubt, cost of the JV
Activity/Project pertains to the amount of contribution of PWD and the Original Proponent present
value capital expenditures. For this project, the cost of the JV Activity/Project is equal to Two
Hundred Eighty Seven Million Eight Hundred Seventy Six Thousand Seven Hundred Ten Pesos and 60/100

3. Financial Eligibility

3.1. The IPP should have the capability to finance the completion of the entire project evidenced by
financial documents to be submitted and will form as an integral part of the Financial Proposal.

3.2 A letter from a domestic universal/commercial bank, or an international bank with a
subsidiary/branch in the Philippines, or any international bank recognized by the Bangko Sentral ng
Pilipinas (BSP), attesting that the IPP is one of its current clients, and is in good financial

4. Additional eligibility criteria are specified in the instructions to IPPs.

Only those lPSP’s that are deemed eligible shall be entitled to submit Comparative Proposals, which
must be in accordance with instructions contained in the Request for Proposal Documents (RFP

The JVSC shall evaluate the proposals using the Quality Based Evaluation/Selection (QBE/QBS) procedure. The criteria and rating system for the evaluation of the proposals shall be provided in the Instructions to Interested Private Proponent/s (IIPPs).

The following procedures, schedules and instructions shall be strictly observed:


For any queries and/or clarifications, please address your communication in writing to the Chairperson of PWD-JVSC at the address indicated above or email the same to

PWD reserves the right to reject any or all submissions, waive any minor deviations, and award the contract for the JV Project to the IPP whose financial proposal is the best among the qualified interested private proponent/s whose technical proposals are complying.

All proposals must be accompanied by a Proposal Security in the form as required by the government entity which may be cash, certified check, manager’s check, letter of credit, or bank draft/guarantee issued by a reputable local/foreign bank, or surety bond callable on demand issued by GSIS or an entity duly registered and recognized by the office of the Insurance Commissioner, or a combination thereof payable to the Government Agency concerned equivalent to 2% of the estimated participation of the Original Proponent, amounting to Five Million Four Hundred Eighty Thousand One Hundred Seventy One Pesos and 91/100 (PhP5,480,171.91).

PWD assumes no responsibility whatsoever to compensate or indemnify any IPP for expenses incurred in the preparation of the comparative proposals.

Chairperson – JVSC

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