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Total Service Connections (As of December 31, 2016): 5,102
Residential/Government 4,978
Commercial 105
Semi-Commercial 19
Barangays Served
Water Source/Location Production (lps)
Tanibag Tanibag Well Source 3.3
Tajao Tajao Well Source  7.0
Cabiangon Pandacan Well Source
Rizal Butong Well Source
Buhingtubig  Buhingtubig Spring Source  0.5
Butong  Butong Well Source 6.6
 Pandacan  Pandacan Well Source  2.8
 Poblacion  Dakit Well Source 11.9
Mangoto  Mangoto Well Source   3.0
Binabag  Binabag Well Source 1.5
Sacsac Sacsac Well Source 0.75
Sambagon Sambagon Spring Source 0.8
Tutay Tutay Well Source 6.4
Guimbawian  Guimbawian Spring Source  0.5

The water sources of Pinamungajan WD is mostly comprised of deep wells with five (5) operating without the  benefit of a storage thus, services in most areas are normally done thru direct pumping; an attribute of a costly production hence, the setback  of improvement.

Water Treatment

This is done thru manual chlorination being undertaken at each of pumping station. Chlorine residual per NSDW requirement is set within the 1.5mg/l residue from the point source of treatment to 0.3mg/l on extreme location of the service area which the Water District dutifully observed.

Systems Facilities 
This comprises approximately:
1,762 m of 25mm dia.
5,820 m of 31mm dia.
 14,370 m of 38mm dia.
 34,410 m of 50mm dia.
 400 m of 63mm dia.
 13,320 m of 75mm dia.
1,002 m of 100mm dia. GI
2,304 m of 100mm dia. uPVC
1,100 m of 150mm dia. GI
1,002 m of 150m dia. uPVC
 300 m3 of storage in Poblacion
 100 m3 of storage in Tanibag
 36 m3 of storage in Tutay
 20 m3 of storage in Binabag
10 m3 of storage in Guimbawian
20 m3 of storage in Sambagon

Most of the pipe materials specifically in Poblacion area are made of galvanized steel which were laid back in 1989 and is described as being in a state of deterioration with consideration to their location in close proximity with the shoreline and therefore conducive to rapid corrosion. The remainder of the network is largely in uPVC pipework laid within the last 12 years to present, which need to be improved likewise, to stabilize distribution of water on affected areas, as a result of doing away with several booster pumps earlier used thus, minimizing cost on power usage.

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